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Customer Introduction

Founded in 1987 and located in Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, on the southeast coast of China,Dongnan electronics co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer of switches integrating product research and development, production, sales and after-sales service, with products covering all over the country and more than 50 countries and regions internationally.


17 Mushiny T-Series shelf AMR and 3 Mushiny shuttle AMR, responsible for material handling on the production line in the factory.

Customer Challenge

Large factory area;
Long handling path;
Low degree of automation;
Low efficiency of personnel operation;
High labor cost.

Customer Value

Enhance site automation;
reduce employee labor intensity.

Key Points in 3C Product Warehousing

3C products, including Computers, Communications, and Consumer Electronics, are high-value items with stringent environmental requirements, necessitating specialized solutions. Here are some key aspects of our intelligent warehousing for 3C products:
  1. Rapid Product Turnover: The fast pace of technological advancement in the 3C industry leads to short product lifecycles. Our system supports rapid inventory turnover with efficient logistics processes and real-time inventory management capabilities, enabling quick adaptation to market changes.
  2. Complex Supply Chain Operations: Managing a complex supply chain is crucial for 3C products that involve numerous components. Our intelligent system simplifies supply chain operations with automated sorting and tracking features, thereby enhancing operational efficiency across multiple supply tiers.
  3. High Rates of Returns and Repairs: To address the typically high return rates and repair demands in the 3C sector, our solution includes robust reverse logistics capabilities. Automated returns processing and reconditioning workflows reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Advanced Automation Technologies: To effectively tackle these challenges, our intelligent warehousing system employs cutting-edge automation technologies such as robotic pickers, AI-driven inventory algorithms, and sophisticated data analytics tools.

By addressing these key issues comprehensively, Mushiny’s intelligent warehousing solution will fully automate your 3C warehouse operations while significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
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