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Project Introduction

Number of robots:20sets
Total inventory:150000 pieces
Mushiny has real-world examples of intelligent warehousing in the healthcare industry, with our MIX Integrated Solution and other solution being implemented in numerous healthcare companies globally. Mushiny can tailor efficient warehousing management solutions for various types of healthcare companies. During the planning process for healthcare warehouse systems, we focus on several key aspects:
  • Efficient Robotic Picking System:
Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology to optimize the picking process, we design intelligent algorithms to guide AMRs in efficiently selecting and transporting goods within the warehouse, especially for medical products that require precise handling and rapid response.
  • Intelligent Robot Scheduling:
We develop advanced scheduling systems to maximize the efficiency of AMR usage. The system is designed to respond in real-time to order changes, dynamically adjusting task priorities and resource allocation to ensure timely order completion.
  • Automated Handling and Logistics:
Integrating AMR technology to automate the handling process reduces manual errors and increases processing speed. We design path optimization algorithms to minimize conflicts and waiting times between robots, enhancing overall logistics efficiency.
  • Robust Data Management System:
Implementing an integrated data management platform to monitor all critical operational data, including inventory levels, order status, and robot performance. This data is used for in-depth analysis to predict future demand trends and continuously optimize warehouse operations.
  • Enhanced Tracking and Traceability:
Although not directly controlling environmental conditions, precise tracking of each product's movement and status remains crucial. We use barcode or RFID technology combined with the AMR system to achieve real-time tracking from storage to dispatch.
  • Reverse Logistics and Returns Processing:
Designing effective reverse logistics processes to handle returns and recalls. AMRs automatically identify and isolate these products, with a data system recording relevant information to support subsequent decisions.

By focusing on these aspects, deploying intelligent robotic warehouses in the healthcare industry will significantly enhance operational efficiency, boost order fulfillment speed, and ensure service quality meets industry standards. Learn more about our warehousing solutions >
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