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Manufacturing Industry Automation Warehouse Project with Mushiny The characteristics of traditional manufacturing are with complex components, wide varieties of products, and low intelligence in warehouse management.
By introducing AMR robots and designing flexible storage locations, Mushiny realizes unmanned inbound, outbound and logistics flow among production lines.
In addition, Mushiny integrates special links such as production inbound and outbound measurement, sampling inspection, etc. into the planning to realize the thorough penetration of intelligent logistics from production to shipment.
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Mushiny Warehouse Management Solution for Cold Chain Warehouse The cold chain warehouse market is booming, and the corresponding problems of labor difficulties and low efficiency of warehousing operations are becoming more and more prominent.
The application of AMR robots in the cold chain would free employees from the low-temperature environment, realize automatic handling and rapid sorting, and achieve the purpose of less labor and intelligence. Moreover, Mushiny AMR robots would always be stable even across temperature zones, which is safe and reliable.
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Mushiny Warehouse Automation Solution for Retail
For the Retail Industry with wide variety of categories, complex sorting and high turnover, etc, Mushiny uses the world's most advanced logistics robots and intelligent systems driven by the world's TOP AI algorithms to deploy overall solutions. Revolutionarily improves the efficiency of logistics operations, significantly increases the level of safety stock, and reduces labor costs.
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