T6-800 ​​​​​​​

High Speed​​​​​​​

2.2m/s (4.92mph)

High Environmental Tolerance​​​​​​​

Battery operating temperature:-20°C~50°C(-4F~122°F)​​​​​​​

High Load/Dimension Ratio​​​​​​​

Load/dimension ratio:4,900 kg/m3(305.87 [b/ft3)​​​​​​​


Safe and Reliable​​​​​​​

Obstacle avoidance,fireproof, anti-collisionas well as sound andlight alarms

Flexible Extension​​​​​​​

Supporting variousassemblies, such asrobotic arms, rollersand pallet tooling​​​​​​​

Easy Accessibility​​​​​​​

Rapid learning and deployment


Flexible and Compact​​​​​​​

Weight of 90kg (198.42lb) ,with a load up to 300kg (661.39lb)​​​​​​​

Highly Optimised Design​​​​​​​

All-aluminum mechanicalstructure​​​​​​​

360° Safety Protection ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dual-radar configuration which ensures thhuman-machine safety


Superior Performance​​​​​​​

Fast moving and lifting speed, with high precision​​​​​​​

Open Protocol​​​​​​​

Open AMR protocol and scheduling protocol​​​​​​​

360° Safety Protection

Dual-radar setup, secure obstacle-avoidance, audibleand visualalarm
E-commerce、3PL、Retail、Retail、3C、 Healthcare、Manufacturing Cold Chain
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