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Mushiny is an expert in the field of logistics and warehousing robots, a distinction earned through market validation. Mushiny can offer you technologically advanced, efficient performance, safety and reliability, data optimization, and flexibly customized intelligent logistics and warehousing solutions.
With our exclusively developed AMR robots and a powerful computing-based smart management system, we help you enhance business efficiency, save on labor costs, and maximize your R.O.I.

Efficiently and Accurately

Our robots use advanced navigation, perception, and control technologies to efficiently operate and accurately perform tasks in complex warehousing environments.
Its versatility allows it to adapt to warehouses of different types and sizes, and meet the diverse needs of customers. High speed movement and rapid response capabilities have improved the efficiency of logistics and warehousing, while multiple safety protection measures ensure the safety of the operation process. In addition, the data collected by robots can be analyzed and optimized to improve logistics and warehousing efficiency.
Choosing our agv logistics robot and amr warehousing robots will help you achieve more efficient, accurate, safe, and sustainable logistics and warehousing operations.


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