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Considerations for Building an Intelligent 3PL Warehouse

The Third-Party Logistics industry (3PL) is characterized by its ability to provide comprehensive logistics services including warehousing, transportation, and inventory management, which help businesses optimize their supply chains and reduce operational costs. 3PL warehousing requires high flexibility and scalability to swiftly adapt to ever-changing market demands and client needs. Below are the key areas Mushiny focuses on when developing intelligent warehousing systems for the 3PL sector:
  • Automation and Robotics:
Implement automated picking systems, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and robotics technology to enhance operational efficiency and reduce labor costs. To achieve efficient order fulfillment, it is essential to have technological support that can process orders quickly and accurately, especially during peak periods.
  • Advanced Inventory Management System:
3PL warehouses need advanced inventory management software that supports real-time data tracking and analysis. This system should utilize RFID, barcodes, or IoT sensors to monitor inventory status, ensuring precise inventory control and optimization.
  • Scalable Warehousing Solutions:
Intelligent 3PL warehousing involves modular and scalable storage systems that can be adjusted based on client demands and business growth. This includes flexible shelving systems and configurable spatial layouts.
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management Platform:
An automated 3PL warehouse requires an integrated supply chain management platform that covers not only warehouse management but also transportation management, order processing, customer relationship management, etc., helping provide end-to-end transparency and optimize the entire logistics process.
  • Data Analytics and Intelligent Reporting:
The logistics industry needs to leverage big data analytics tools to predict market trends, optimize resource allocation, and improve service quality. Intelligent reporting functions are crucial for 3PL providers to better understand business performance and make data-driven decisions.

Mushiny has extensive experience in providing intelligent warehousing solutions for the 3PL sector. We have developed professional and efficient intelligent warehousing solutions for logistics companies globally in countries like China and Australia. Our comprehensive solution comprising AMR robots along with our software system will help you find new ways to enhance efficiency in the 3PL industry! 
Below are some customer cases:
Successful Stories in the All-category of  3PL Industry

Customer Introduction

Australia Post is the largest logistics and warehousing enterprise in Australia. There are over 36,000 employees in the delivery, logistics, retail, and e-commerce networks of Australia Post, which annually delivers more than 4 billion parcels in around 1,150 outlets of parcel delivery across the country.


1,200 m2; 45 Mushiny T series AMR robots are responsible for 4,000 kinds of products as well as inbound, storage and picking of 200,000 items.

Customer Challenge

Low degree of automation, 
low efficiency of personnel operation,
high labor cost.

Customer Value

Picking efficiency: 300% improvement
Safe and stable operation since its launch in 2019.
Phase I 30 days to go live, 60 days to evacuate the site.
Successful Stories in the All-category of 3PL Industry

Customer Introduction

Located in Guangdong, China, the client is a comprehensive kitchen appliance enterprise group integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service, and a national high-tech enterprise in China.


3,200㎡ and 44 Mushiny T-Series shelf AMR are responsible for the handling and handing of pallets in the area.

Customer Challenge

High degree of automation in the storage area and the use of human labor in the handling area;
Long handling paths;
High work intensity.

Customer Value

Enhance site automation and reduce employee labor intensity.
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