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Cosmetic warehousing is a specialized field because cosmetic products typically have high environmental requirements and must adhere to strict storage standards. When designing intelligent warehousing solutions for the cosmetics industry, several key factors must be considered to ensure efficient and safe warehouse operations. Here are some important considerations:
  • Environmental Control:
Introduce intelligent temperature and humidity control systems to ensure that the warehouse conditions consistently meet the specific storage needs of cosmetics. Additionally, AGV robots used in the warehouse should also have low-temperature resistance features.
  • Advanced Inventory Management System:
Implement advanced inventory management software that supports real-time data tracking, including batch tracking, expiration date management, and automatic replenishment functions. Utilize RFID or barcode technology for precise inventory control and rapid product retrieval.
  • Automated Material Handling:
Deploy automated picking systems and robots (such as AMRs) to replace manual labor in special environments, thereby enhancing picking efficiency.
  • Reverse Logistics Optimization:
Establish an efficient returns processing workflow and simplify the inspection, repackaging, and restocking processes through automation solutions. Use smart analytics tools to predict and manage return rates, optimizing inventory levels.
  • Data-Driven Decision Support:
Utilize big data analytics to optimize warehouse operations, such as predicting future demand trends by analyzing sales data.
Integrate advanced reporting features to provide operational insights, helping management make more informed decisions.
  • Flexibility and Scalability Design:
Design modular warehouse layouts that can be quickly adjusted according to market changes or expanded facilities, considering future technology upgrade paths to maintain long-term competitiveness.

Mushiny has extensive experience, professional expertise, and a strong reputation in the field of intelligent cosmetic warehousing. With 8 years of development in warehouse automation, Mushiny has accumulated over 500 global clients, including those from the cosmetics sector. Our comprehensive cosmetic warehousing solutions offer various functionalities such as intelligent picking, robot scheduling, inventory management, and reverse logistics to help enhance order fulfillment efficiency! 
Below is one of our client case studies:
Successful Stories in the All-category of Cosmetic Industry

Customer Introduction

Silicon2, founded in 2002, is one of the largest B2B and B2C cross-border e-commerce platforms in Korea. Its products are sold in about 96 countries, including in North America, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and we supply and sell cosmetics to 1,100 companies and 1 million member customers.


4,000 ㎡; 101 Mushiny T series AMR robots, responsible for 20,000 kinds of products as well as inbound, storage, both B2B and B2C picking modes of 1.4 million items.

Customer Challenge

Low degree of automation, 
low efficiency of personnel operation, 
high labor cost.

Customer Value

Picking efficiency: 280% improvement
Personnel: 56% reduction
Full process traceability of system operation.
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