MIX – Green Solution for Goods-to-Person

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MIX – Green Solution for Goods-to-Person

[December 8, 2022, Shanghai, China] Mushiny —— the world’s leading expert in intelligent warehousing systems of logistics robots announced its release of a disruptive warehousing solution MIX - Green Solution for Goods-to-Person. This innovative warehousing solution effectively combines the flexibility of latent AMR Goods-to-Person and the high storage advantage of Shuttle AMR Totes-to-Person, which simultaneously supports the storage and picking of large, medium and small sizes parcels. Meanwhile, the solution adopts Mushiny’s unique Heating Algorithm 2.0 to realize the AI storage optimization of both totes and pods/shelves. Compared to the traditional intelligent warehousing solution, the advantages of the Mushiny MIX solution include but are not limited to a 400% improvement in density, a 4~5 times increase in picking efficiency, and a 50% reduction in the ROI of hardware. Mushiny MIX solution has set up a brand new benchmark for intralogistics with its comprehensive growth of energy-efficient as well as its superior ROI.

The world’s leading features and characteristics of Mushiny MIX-Green Solution for Goods-to-Person:

  • Universal Applicability: meet picking needs of the large, medium and small parcels simultaneously; support PODs/pallet picking for unusually-shaped items;

  • High Throughput: up to 650 totes of pick-in/pick-outs per hour;

  • Strong Bearing Capacity: a single container can bear a maximum weight of 30kg; a maximum workload of 1.5T;

  • Optimized Space Utilization: 10 layers of Totes with a height of only 3.7 meters for better space utilization;

  • High Storage Density: PODs are tightly arranged so that high-density storage of 4 sets of shelves and a 400% increase in storage density can be realized;

  • High Picking Hit Rate: with Mushiny’s unique heating algorithm 2.0, the picking hit rate can reach as high as 99.99%;

  • High Efficiency: a 70% saving in manpower, a significant reduction in labor intensity, and a 4~5 times increase in picking efficiency;

  • Outstanding ROI: a 50% reduction in ROI of robots, and a great decrease in construction and maintenance brought out by the unique all-in-one design.

    According to the Mobile Robot Market Report 2022 published by Interact Analysis —— a market intelligence authority for global technology research, the global shipments of mobile robots used in warehousing and manufacturing industries have increased by more than 70%. The shipment rate is expected to grow 50% per year in the next 5 years, and the annual industry revenue will maintain a growth rate of 30% ~ 40%. This phenomenal growth in shipment rate is due to the super-low penetration of the mobile robot market. By the end of 2020, less than 1% of warehouses have deployed AMRs that support order fulfillment even in the US which pioneered the use of AMRs in warehouse operations. The penetration rate of the shuttle AMR is even lower.  

    “Mushiny MIX – Green Solution for Goods-to-Person is applicable to all scenarios of AMR PODs-to-Person & Shuttle AMR Totes-to-Person, and brings all-around improvements.The solution is the latest achievement that Mushiny has reached while pursuing the vision of making a better world through continuous innovation. Mushiny MIX is a disruptive solution that empowers a variety of warehousing and manufacturing application scenarios including storage areas, e-commerce warehouses, raw material libraries, multi-floor warehouses, etc., and continuously decreases cost and improves efficiency for industries such as FMCG, fashion, automobiles, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, retail, 3PL. With the powerful logistics system, MIX enables a smooth march into intelligent manufacturing and a smooth economic & social life”. Said Liu, Ming, the CEO of Mushiny.

    About Mushiny

    Founded in 2016, Mushiny is one of the world's leading tech companies specializing in intelligent robotic logistics systems. With global headquarters in Suzhou, China, a technology center in Nan Jing, and competence centers in Korea, Australia, Germany and the U.S., its business covers more than 20 developed countries and regions, with around 50% of its business going to export.

    Mushiny provides optimal warehouse management and operational solutions for factories and warehouses in various industries. Underpinned by a proprietary AI algorithm and supported by substantial warehouse operating know-how, users may choose an iRES Robot Execution system module that best suits their application. The Xi’he iRMS robot management system has great functionality; fully open logistics robots can be used for e-commerce, postal and courier, fashion, automobiles, new energy, household appliances, food & beverage, books, pharmaceutical, 3C (computers, communications and consumer) electronics, and many other industrial and FMCG applications.

    As part of its increased commitment to its overseas markets, Mushiny is displaying its technology at three major trade fairs in 2023. In the U.S. it will be exhibiting at ProMAT (March 20th-23rd, Chicago), and in Europe it will be present at Hannover Messe (April 17th-21st, Hannover, DE) and LogiMAT (April 25th-27th, Stuttgart, DE). Mushiny cordially invites owners and operators of warehouses to visit its booth at these events to discuss ways in which they can optimise efficiency, reduce costs and increase the flexibility of their logistics operations.

    For more information, please visit: www.mushiny.com

    Or send an email to info@mushiny.com, Mushin Intelligent industry experts are ready to provide you with professional answers.

Complete the form and a member of our team will contact you to conduct a demo that explains how you can increase your productivity with the Mushiny.
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