Mushiny Synall Robot Management System Experts, Empowering Customers To Build Their Own Mobile Robot Solutions

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Mushiny Synall Robot Management System Experts, Empowering Customers To Build Their Own Mobile Robot Solutions

Synall, derived from Mushiny, is a well-known provider of mobile robot software solutions in the industry. Its fully self-developed open full-scenario multi-robot hybrid scheduling system can easily manage mobile robots from different brands, supporting VDA5050 and private protocols. With everything interconnected, it supports the integration of various automated devices and third-party software systems, as well as custom scenario applications for clients. By adopting a new empowerment model, it helps customers achieve 100% high autonomy, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in their mobile robot solutions.

I. Powerful Hybrid Scheduling Capability

  • Synall employs a fully self-developed open full-scenario multi-robot hybrid scheduling system, capable of managing mobile robots from various brands with ease.

  • Supports industry-standard protocols such as VDA5050 and various private protocols.

  • With everything interconnected, it integrates with various brands and navigation types of AGV, AMR, ACR, AGF, CTU, and other automated devices and third-party software systems.

  • Supports custom industrial and commercial scenario applications for clients, including unmanned handling, flexible sorting, high-level storage, and different modes such as order-to-person and vehicle-to-person.

  • Provides secondary development functions, achieving independent control of the vehicle body and upper equipment.

  • Uses a new empowerment model to help customers own a 100% high autonomy, flexible, and cost-effective mobile robot solution.


II. Outstanding Integration Ability

  • The 100% open platform allows customers to have 100% autonomy over the system, making it easy to learn, use, and deploy.

  • The carefully developed general protocol interface can seamlessly integrate with various upper-level systems, including ERP, WCS, WMS, MES, etc., enabling deep integration with automated warehouses, Miniloads, sorting systems, etc., while fully ensuring data security and privacy for customers.

III. Agile and Rapid Deployment Capability

  • Intuitive user interface for a comprehensive overview.

  • Uses Docker containers for one-stop fast deployment across all platforms, supporting both offline and online, private and public cloud hybrid deployments.

  • Features rich functional modules and simple task customization, allowing for free combination and allocation of resources to meet most non-standard requirements.

  • Codeless platform supports flexible business process changes.

  • Combined with high availability cluster mode and cloud technology, it supports 24/7 availability and almost infinite scalability.

  • Uses a plug-in platform, ready to use out of the box. Rich plugins can be selected on demand; local plugins can be replaced, ensuring high stability; supports secondary development of plugins. This makes full-scenario hybrid scheduling possible.


IV.1:1Intelligent Simulation Capability

  • It allows the import of factory and warehouse CAD drawings, simulating tasks triggered by upstream systems or personnel to the RMS system, and replaying robot routes and states on the map over time with a map player, reducing waiting and viewing time with accelerated simulation, and assisting customers in understanding real-world scenarios and making informed decisions with the help of feature-rich KPI reports.

  • 1:1 simulation platform, real-time dashboard, and multi-dimensional reports to assist customers in making efficient and precise decisions.

  • 1:1 vehicle parameter settings, obtaining accurate vehicle counts and throughput per station through algorithms.

  • Supports up to 10x speed for quick trials of different configurations in multiple rounds of simulation.

As of the end of 2023, Mushiny's Synall has empowered over 40 clients and nearly 100 projects, covering a variety of brands and types.

Synall will continue to help global customers build their own mobile robot solutions, empowering partners and users in the field of intelligent logistics and automation worldwide, ultimately realizing the Mushiny vision of "Making the world a better place"!

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